Marriage is a strong bond between two people, they say marriages are made in heaven and on earth you need to search for the perfect one for yourself. Marriage is long terms decision not some momentary thing so it is important that you choose your partner judiciously and with proper thoughts. You should looking into every aspect of the marriage from a far sighted point of view so that you can see the tow of you happily sharing each other’s lives and space for a considerably long time. Marriage is a irreversible decision and cannot be changed, once you are married, you are done for your life or at least you should be done for your life, coz it is not advisable that you go to someone else and choose him or her as your life partner the next day.

Finding the person you would want to grow old with and share all your sorrows and happiness with is not easy it not like finding any random person. You have to be careful so that the rest of your life is beautiful and worthwhile with that person, the one who you will love and the one who will love you for the rest of your life, the one who will understand you better than anyone, even better than you understand yourself at times.

For the grooms choosing the perfect bride is a tough job. The criteria for choosing someone to be your perfect bride my differ from person to person as a matter of perspective but certain criteria remains same for all and some characters are a must in order to choose someone as the perfect bride. Certain criteria and certain character that you must keep in mind while choosing your perfect bride and how you must go about choosing the perfect bride for yourself are:

1. Firstly, think and decide what are your plus points and negative points. If there are certain negative points that you can change or you think you need to change or even for that matter if you think that your partner might not like those negative points or may have serious problems with them. Keep in mind that you need not change yourself completely for someone. If the person does not like what you are then she can never love who you are.

2. Then make a list of the things that you do not want to change and the things you cannot do without. Say for example you are a sports lover and never miss a match. It is likely that your bride and you should have similar tastes and likes so that you do not have tiffs over small things.

3. Think about the things that you have ever admired about women, be it dancing, socializing, she has a similar religious belief or a particular political view similar to yours, likes kids, enjoys cooking, loves travelling and is career oriented and the like. Things need to match with yours so that you do not get bothered by each other’s actions and get irritated by each other often.

4. When you meet a potential candidate make sure you guys talk to each other openly and if you see the woman is showing same interests in you then go for the next step, she is the one, she is your perfect bride.

5. Let us face it, your perfect bride should have similar family background and should be of same status and preferably religion and caste as well, especially in a country like India where a lot of religions and caste systems exist and each one of them having a different set of rules, customs, etc.

6. Choose someone who is independent. This way you will not have problems in future about her utilizing your money for all her needs, leaving you with nothing for yourself.

7. You should be confident about your choice as much as you are confident about yourself. Being confident about yourself is really important so as to choose a good bride for yourself, because women like men who are sure about themselves.

8. Find someone who you are compatible with and who shares your interests. So that if future neither of you have any issues about what the other is doing. Make sure the two of share same long term goals. As you know marriage is not a short term decision and once taken you cannot go on changing it later on. Better give it time rather than getting into conclusions from it as soon as possible. No hurries take it slow and easy. You should be sure before you take the final step and the vows of marriage. Talk it out, you should try and understand each other right from the start, rather you should choose someone who understands your emotional needs like no one. You must be so much into each other that you can be able to picturize her and imagine the two of you by each other side for the rest of your life. Once you can imagine her in your future, fulfilling your needs then she is the one. You can go for it. She is your perfect bride. If she is in your minds image for the future then no doubt she in the one to be in the real picture beside you as well, holding your hand, by your side.

These are the general criteria that you must keep in mind while choosing you perfect bride. There may other such criteria that may vary. You are taking a long term decision not a short term one so think, think a lot, think about all aspects and try to understand each and every character of the person you want to be your perfect bride and ensure if she is eligible or not. If she is, then do not waste time, go for it. If she matches all your interests, then she is the one!

Raja Kumar

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