There is a common problem, faced by most of the people. They cannot take accurate or an appropriate decision at right time in the right place. They often get puzzled, unconfident or over pressurized and sometimes get feared whenever they have to confront with any kind of situation where a decision has to be taken. The solution of this inability is not as complex as they presume it to be. They just need to acquire the ability to apply critical thinking to their decision making. Now the question is what is critical thinking? The answer is simple. Critical thinking is the ability to make a decision based on logical ground and evidence while leaving out emotions in sidestep. This problem starts from school. In the school curriculum, students are examined by remembering the lessons more, instead of developing their ability to apply them in real life.

The demand for the critical thinking person is too high. The number of employers seeking new employees with critical thinking skills has increased over the last three years.  It is true that every person doesn’t possess this quality. The good thing is that critical thinking is an acquirable skill and anyone can nourish it with enough practice.

Here are some ways how applying critical thinking impact positively in an individual.


Developing critical thinking helps to strengthen your cognitive skills and pushes you to look for answers that are not obvious. It allows you to look inward; find a rational explanation and focus on facts and evidence instead of emotion. It also teaches how to sidestep your own ego to increase your overall performance.

Be a better team player:

A critical thinking individual finds more solutions to one problem at a time. As they think in different ways than others, they become automatically flexible in their approach towards a problem. They focus more on facts and less on emotions or ego. Their interaction within the team improves and helps them to be a valuable team member of the team.

critical thinking and success

Improved creative reasoning:

An experienced critical thinker, possess the ability to connect with their subjects, then its non-critical thinker counterparts. This ability allows them to find out creative solutions to problems without having to depend on new ideas alone. Even with new ideas, critical thinkers have an edge to evaluate them for relevance and selecting the best ones.

Handle stress better:

With their ability to think in logical reasoning critical thinkers can handle the stressful situation much better. Critical thinkers whether in a school group or workplace always use their reasoning and logic. They learn to keep themselves away from taking emotional decisions. It helps them to see the solutions otherwise go unnoticed. This, in turn, adds a lot of academic and professional value to their career.

Critical thinking as a skill takes time to develop. No one even a fresh graduate can develop this skill in one day. If anyone willing to take the time to evaluate problems and possible solutions, it will help them improve their decision-making skills and contribute to their professional success.

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