What is dissatisfaction? It is an attitude of displeasure or disappointment. However, the reason behind this dilemma can vary based on different individuals. The same can happen due to the lack of interest or it can also be due to unsatisfying events in our life.

In here, we will be talking about the most common element which causes dissatisfaction among many. Aging, it certainly is the biggest concern for many. Cerebral activities, speeches, inducing memory, deterioration of the cognitive functions can all lead to dissatisfaction while you age.

Have you ever noticed that when we hear certain words like forgetful, dependent, unhealthy we think of elderly people? Well, every living being will age with time and it’s a part of our lifecycle.

Reasons for dissatisfaction

The major reason for dissatisfaction due to ageing is because children are exposed to believe certain things since they were young. They were taught to believe they become weak as they age. However, finding satisfaction is not dependent on how old you are, you could still remain fulfilled even at the age of 70.

As children, we taught to believe that senior citizens are comparatively weak and boring. This stereotyping still continues, and it influences as we age. You picked up these impressions from school or maybe from the media.

Influence of cartoons

Do you remember these cartoon characters like Belle’s father from Beauty and the Beast, or the character Grumpy in Snow White? These characters give us a brief look at how elderly people are portrayed to children’s at a very young age.

Children’s pickup large sum of their beliefs at their young age. The dissatisfaction we encounter is mainly due to what we were exposed to when we were young. Nonetheless, we should know by now that the cartoons our children’s watch, are definite to influence their lives as they grow up.

Elderly people, are they happy when they age?

This question can be seen in two different aspects. One, of course, none want to grow so old. Two, if we consider the happiness, it certainly proves to be a happier experience. If we take the recent surveys into account, it proves that people over the age 70 are generally happier than rest of the population.

In fact, the surveys also revealed the highest concentration of depression occurs in the people between ages of 40-59. Here’s one more interesting fact. It was shown that the ages between 12-17 had a higher depression percentage compared to the age group 60 and over.

What does this mean?

Well, this clearly shows how wrong our beliefs are. We think growing old is connected with the weakening of our bodies functions or even Alzheimer’s disease. But, such concerns can develop in any person even at the age of 30.

So, is the myth true? I can confidently say that it’s not. Look at it this way, we all like to have some rest and relaxation at the end of the day. It’s the same for an elderly person, you’ll find them happier in their own way. Growing old doesn’t define one’s happiness, dissatisfaction is a common dilemma that we all face.

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Asif Haneef

A writer with passion to share his insights on food, health, sports, and travel. For him, writing was a hobby that turned into a way to share his knowledge to the world.

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