Donald Trump is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial candidates on the current political scene. On the one hand, there is a legion of detractors and on the other, he has countless loyal followers that even justify his most objectionable behavior.

Here, we leave you a list of strong arguments to love him or hate him:

Reasons to LOVE Donald Trump:

– Because he is a businessman:

Many times we have heard that “The Great American Dream”, this implies the achievement of the proposed objectives based on effort and determination in decisions. Trump made himself and with only an economic base, effort, and smart decisions. It confirmed an incredible real estate empire.

– Because he has no taboos:

Trump is not as concerned about looking good in his speech as being clear and direct. This has led to great controversies, especially for those who accuse him of being a racist.

– Because he is not a politician:

Trump poses in the simplest terms possible and based on feelings. So it is understandable to anyone. This closeness in the language generates great confidence among those who support him.

– Because he embodies the discomfort of some people:

During times of uncertainty, people look for a “superhero”, a leader who can fight by defeating the “bad guys” and imparting justice for the “good guys”. When Trump says he will ban the migration of Muslims, that he will renegotiate trade with China or the most controversial example of all. That he will build a border wall with Mexico and that they will pay for it.

– For your simple and motivating message:

Trump’s strategy is well studied and is consistent. It breaks with all the conventions so far seen in politics and avoids giving details when it is positioned. “We will make the States United great again” is one of his most repeated phrases and one of his most concrete statements.

Reasons to HATE Donald Trump:

– For his racist statements:

He accused Mexico of bringing “drugs” and rapists “to the United States.” They are sending people who have a lot of problems. They are sending us their problems. Bring drugs and they are rapists. And some I suppose will be good people. But I speak with border agents and tell me what is “. This is one of the most controversial statements among others.

– Four of his companies went bankrupt:

He has declared four of his businesses bankrupt. The statements focused on casinos that he used to own in Atlantic City. All were Chapter 11 restructurings. It allows a company to stay in business while shedding what it owes to banks, employees, and suppliers.

– His double-edged sword: too much trust and sincerity:

“I could shoot people on Fifth Avenue and I would not lose votes”. He said during a campaign rally in Iowa. That’s why he later added that he could commit an attack in downtown New York without worrying about losing support.

– He has been unfaithful to all his wives:

The American magnate has gone through the altar up to three times. The result of these marriages is their five children. His slip Marta Maples who was his second wife, was the reason for his divorce with Ivanna, with whom he had to face the accuse of rape.

– Contradiction in his speech:

Trump’s mother was Scottish and his father, Fred Trump, was the son of a German. That is the meaning that Donald Trump, like the vast majority of Americans, is the son and grandson of immigrants. He could not have arrived in the United States if the country would have had President Donald Trump. What a paradox, wouldn’t it?

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