It was celebration of 50th Marriage anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Patel, when I asked Mr. Patel to give me some mantra’s about a lasting Marriage. He saw me, smiled and told – This is time I want to spend with my beloved wife and I am firm with my priorities. You must ask me the same at some other time. A week after at a gentlemen Club I met him again and I pulled out the same question for him. Smiling Mr. Patel asked if everything is fine in my marriage life and burst out in laugh. I was overwhelmed with the joy the gentlemen had in the age of 75.

Mr. Patel then revealed the secret of a successful marriage life and he detailed the signs of successful marriage. He told:

Enjoying the company of spouse: For a marriage to succeed its necessary for the couple to enjoy each other’s company. I am known to many couple who married after falling in love with spouse but lost interest in some times. Warmth of the relation is the parameter of a successful marriage. Small things like appreciating each other, spending time together and exchanging flowers and love words can fill your marriage life with joy. One must get out of fantasy world of sex and must understand that the sexual desires are meant to be calm down; you may extend the sex life but curiosity of will diminish for sure. For making an inseparable binding with your spouse get known to likes and dislikes of each other and Time will teach you the meaning of true love.

Has similar interest and mutual interests: A happy couple lives for each other and holds the similar mutual interest. A famous poet of Hindi says : A garden looks attractive only with a combination of fragrance and Colors, O my Love there is nothing if you are alone and there is nothing I’m alone. A combination of interests, which compliments each other, is the key of a successful marriage life. A mutual love for any interest like reading, gardening, Movies or music can give strength to your love bonding. A combination like a poet-reader, composer- listener is a boon for a marriage life.

Took Financial decisions together: Money is one of the most prominent reasons for argues in Marriage life. Nothing can be great that if you and your spouse make budget and purchase decision together. It is an added value if you and your spouse have similar views on spending money. The mutual planning will allow you to set your financial priorities. You’ll find extra savings and more joyful vacations with your family.

Understand each other and gives space to spouse: “In earlier days of my marriage my wife wanted my every minute. She chased me to my office by phone. She wanted me to call every hour.” Says one of my young friends. I advised him to speak to his wife on the issue and tell her the importance of the space in a marriage. Every person is surrounded with a social structure and you must understand that your spouse has to maintain the social life as well. A man can’t join a ladies kitty party and similarly women will find uncomfortable situation accompanying her husband at a bar with a pint of beer and nonsense betting. So get your spouse closer by giving some space.

Known to sexual needs and desires of spouse:
Sex is an integral part of a marriage relation. Marriages lacking sex or couples which are not sexually compatible are most prone to get parted. It’s necessary to understand the needs and desires of your spouse and fulfilling it. Sex is an uncompressible desire that gets satisfied if your spouse knows exactly your needs. Discuss your sex preferences and enjoy the sex life. A great value to your marriage can be “not common sexual preferences”. If you have different desires, it’s good in some way that you get something new to try in Bed and you never get bored.

Fights on Fair Ground: I have never seen couple who do not have disagreements on some issues but successful couples always fight on fair ground. Put your concerns ahead but look at the points your spouse making. Most of issues get resolved there only if you fight fairly. Disagreement and fighting is not always bad. Avoid referring to old love relations in discussion and never use emotional blackmailing.

Communicating to each other:
A loving couple always shares their feelings, thoughts, expectation for each other. Most of the couple just communicates over their finances, their day in office or anything related to kids. But this is not enough; Couples who wants to live a happy life must share all their thoughts, feelings and anxieties to understand each other. There is no in marriage which cannot be resolved by communicating properly. A problem starts when a couple starts ignoring and not taking to each other.

Goes out on date with each other:
Giving some time to each other is most important. Most of the couples get so busy in their life that they do not get time for having a fun time. A little outing or a brief date can add more taste to your marriage life. Planning a surprise date is another good idea to get your spouse closer to you. When you get older and your kids become young your date can be confined to small after dinner walk or so, but this also will give you an immense pleasure of togetherness.
“These are few Mantra is have learnt and practiced in my life and I am living a successful satisfied marriage life since fifty years” Said Mr. Patel. In this brief meeting he revealed the success mantras of happy marriage. He added that couples who are getting married in these days must learn and practice all these time tested methods of having a successful marriage life. The Soon you’ll start practicing these method in your marriage life, the more will be chances of celebrating 50th anniversary of you marriages life.

Raja Kumar

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