If you know the story of Rapunzel, you will know that, she used to have long hair with a magical power. The magical power of her hair kept her witch mother’s youth, which was gone as soon as the hair has been cut by the prince. Well, as far as fairy tale is concerned, Rapunzel’s witch mother was bad person and she should not or she does not have a right to have a good hair style. That is not case with your mother, she should have a good hair cut or style on the day of her daughter’s wedding. We, often make a common mistake, we always think that marriage is of two people, it is an important day for the bride and the groom; this fact is a wrong fact.

The wedding day is not only an important day for the bride and the groom, but also for their family. Like these two person, the two families too enter into, in a new relationship. Especially, it is an important day for the bride’s family, because it is a custom, almost in every religion that, that a bride should leave her house on the day of her marriage, and go to the groom’s house, and start her new family life. So, the bride family arrange this day in such a way that it is memorable to everyone; both the bride and her family.  But, in this process, making a marriage memorable, the bride’s mother, who many time is her closest friend; but on the wedding she does not has a time to look at her, or she does not has a time to style herself. She may wear a good saree, or some jewelries, she may also has a little touch up; but when it comes to her hair, she does not have a little time to even tie up neatly.

Here comes the duty of a daughter, when you are seeing that your mother is doing every possible thing, so that you look good on your wedding day; you, as a daughter also you should do certain things, so that your mother looks great on your wedding day. You can start with her hair, because every mother had one or more than one good attire and jewelries. In case of her skin, every one use a little foundation over there face, because using a powder puff, or foundation, is something one always do, and it is not something very special on the wedding day. So hair is the place, which you can style and make her look beautiful on your wedding day.

If your mother has a long or a medium length hair:

If your mother had a long or a medium length hair, you can ask her to have a blunt hair cut two or three days before the wedding. This type of bob or blunt hair cut with a side or medium parting will make her look classy. Many mothers are sensitive with their hair, and did not want to have a haircut. In that case you can do several things:

  • You can updo her hair with, you can easily pin her hair, or twist her hair. You can also roll her hair; if you are using a bun it is better that you use a French bun. You can also pull back her on the back, and updo on the base, you can also tie it as pony tail.
  • If your mother wants to show her long hair, you can loosely tie up her hair on the top of the head, in that case you can take her hair from the crown, and you can also twist it, or use a bun. To tie her hair. You can make the rest of the hair left open. Make sure that you have taken all the front hair and tied it up, so that no hairs come over her face, because it is irritating as well as untidy. You can also use curlers to your mother’s hair, so that the rest of the hair which is left open have curls, these curls will look good on your mother if she is having a medium length hair.
  • You can also go for a curl if your mother had a short or pixie hair; in that case also you should pin the front hair, and left the rest of the hair open. You also tie up the hair as a pony tail, and use a little hair accessories on it.
  • If you are using a bun, or an updo, you should go for a classic updo or a bun. Anyone who is a motherly figure, on her classic hair style suits the best.
  • If your mother’s hair is dry and rough, then do not let your mother, left her hair open, the hair will get rougher, and drier. It untidy. So if your mother is having a rough and dry hair, make sure that during your wedding she always ties her neatly.

Hair accessories:

With jewelries try to buy some accessories, for hair, which your mother can use on your day of your wedding. While buying certain things, please remember certain things:

  • Try to use pearl accessories, like clips or clutcher, embedded with two to three pearls. Try not to use accessories which are giddy and glittering. As a bride’s mother avoid using those glittering accessories that will too be high for your mother. As a bride mother always use a subtle make up. Use something which is classy, and something which is subtle. Try not using too many hair accessories that too will be too heavy makeup.
  • If at the last moment you remember that you do not have any hair accessories, yet you want to decorate your hair, you can easily go for fresh flowers. In India you will find white flowers like jasmine, or a garland of jasmine, commonly called gajra in Hindi. You can easily have it around your bun, and your mother will have good classy look on the day of your wedding, and you too will be proud that you have proved yourself a good daughter. It is because you have not only thought about your own self but also about others. Especially, about the most important person, your mother.

Raja Kumar

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