People or rather, woman around the world would always remember Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, as someone who prevented child marriage. During that time, in Bengal, and also in other parts of the country, a girl of around six or ten used to get married to a man of thirty or forty.

But with the Indian Renaissance, and later Independence things started changing. Now after a girl has completed education, and is financially secure only then she get married.

Now let’s see some name. William Shakespeare and his wife, Lady Shakespearea; Rabindranath Tagore and his wife Mrinalini Devi; Sachin, and Anjali Tendulkar, Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. What is that common fact that is common among all of them? Well, these are some couples who are/were husband and wife, but who had a wide age difference between them. Lady Shakespeare is almost ten years older than William Shakespeare. Mrinalini Devi was around 12 when she married Rabindranth Tagore, and Tagore was in his mid-twenties at that time. Anjali Tendulkar is almost few years older than Sachin Tendulkar, and Amrita Singh is almost 12 years older than Saif Ali Khan when she got married, and when Saif Ali Khan was married to Amrita Singh he was 21 and Kareena Kapoor was 10.

Today though a girl of six doesn’t get married to a man of thirty, yet there are instances of a boy of twenty six getting married to a girl of thirty six. Though cases are very rare, yet they are present. As we all know that love does not follow any rule, anyone can fell in love with everyone. If a love is a true one then age is no boundary. But marriage is a lifelong relationship. Though love essential in a marriage, it is not everything. There are certain other things that create problem, if two people of very wide age difference get married, certain problem arises. If one can deal with this entire problem only then a person should get married to a person quite older, than himself/herself, or quite younger.


In every relationship a power domination works. One person in the relationship dominates and the other gets dominated. In a marriage when one is quite older than the other, he/she has the tendency to dominate the other all the time. She/he is more mature than you, has more experience, knows the world better than you, so you should listen to her/him and maintain peace in the house. And this problem arises also because of the common Indian notion "always respect the elders". So if your partner is older than you, it is likely that he/she will dominate you.


If there is a wide difference between you and your spouse then one will face the problem of generation gap. The hubby, if he is older than his spouse, may want to have a serious discussion on the present political scenario, and the wife may want to go to a movie and relax herself from all the household tension, by watching a movie. When both want to stick to their own wish, then a big fight takes place. And if one compromises then one in some darkest corner of the house shed tears.


After one got married both the daughter and the son's father and mother had only one last wish, to play with their grand children. But if there is a wide age difference between the two married people then complication can arise while having a child.

On the other hand if there is a wide age difference then two people have different notion of having sex, which then again create a problem.


There is a one story by Saki. A man is gifted with the power of immortality. And his age stops at 23. And after 23 he never had to suffer the problem of aging. But the beautiful girl who he used to LOVE and to whom he got married, after a while, she started aging. Things become so difficult for the girl, and it went to such a extent that in old age she used to buy wigs for her husband, so that he looks equally aged. The idea of telling the story is to tell you that, if your husband or wife is younger than you, and you suffers from an inferiority complex even in this age of anti-aging cream.


So it is better to have 3-5 years difference between the husband and wife. It is true that a woman matures quickly than a man, and so an ideal age for a girl to get married is 18, and for a boy is 21.

But today according to many doctors and educationist a girl finishes her adolescence at 27 and a boy at 25 or 26.

So it is better to have less age difference between two couples, as because everyone is not Shakespeare or Tagore.

And even after reading all these you think that you cannot live without the person you love. Then think twice. If you still have the same answer BEST OF LUCK for your future life!

Raja Kumar

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