This is one of the most important tasks before your wedding preparations start! Impressing the father of your bride has been one of the scary tasks for a groom. However, it is something that you cannot get away with. For every father, his daughter is the most precious soul on earth and if he decides to give this precious thing to you, you surely have to assure him that you can take care of her just the way he has done it all these years! There are several steps you can take to ensure that you are successful in this!

The bride’s father, undoubtedly, is going to be critical of you all the time. There is no denying that he is concerned about his daughter and how safe it will be to give his daughter to you for the rest of her life. You have to work hard for this and prove that you are capable of carrying out this responsibility. So what do you do about it? Here are some suggestions that might help.

First of all, as the old belief goes, the first impression is the last impression. So you must be prepared to nail the first impression that you create on your would-be father in law. Physical appearances can help. If you have a neat and tidy appearance, you can check the first thing off your list! A formal tidy attire, neatly combed hair, well-shaven face can leave a nice impression on the bride’s father. Moreover, if your bride-to-be has been your girlfriend, make sure she approves of your dressing since she will know about her father’s choice. Looking presentable is thus an important step to impressing the man!

Once your appearance is taken care of, the second factor in your list is your behavior. People talk about the chivalry of men and this sure is an important weapon that you have. If you can create an impression on your in-laws by being a perfect gentleman, your father-in-law will surely be impressed. Be courteous every time you meet them. Take flowers or sweets for them; pull out chairs for the women of the family and other such gestures. If you can be a gentleman to the people who have seen your bride grow up, you are capable of taking care of your bride. This way you can win the approval of your bride’s father.

Next, you must make sure that you reach out to every member of the family. You might be a little shy interacting with your girlfriend’s parents, but you need to get over it. You can talk to each one of them about their fields of interests. You can strike meaningful conversations with the bride’s father, like asking him about his profession and family. This will prove your interest in getting close to the family and your father-in-law will definitely think highly of you.

Every father is concerned about his daughter’s security. Financial security is a big aspect in this. You must be able to assure him that you are financially stable, enough to support his daughter and provide for her. For this, you need to explain your financial status to him. Talking about your career, telling him about your goals, and where you see yourself in the next few years is important. Present a realistic picture of your financial status. This will help getting his approval for you as his daughter’s partner.

Next, you have to be careful when you talk about yourself in front of your bride’s family members. If you keep talking about yourself, you will appear to be self-obsessed and once you create that impression on them, there is no going back on your word. So, as you talk about yourself, make sure you maintain a balance and don’t keep praising yourself in front of them. Occasionally talk about others, maybe the members of the family. When you can look at others, they will know you are not totally self-obsessed and can take care of the small needs of their little girl. It is important for you to have a broad mindset. You can be subtle about telling them about your good points, which is necessary to impress them.

No matter what you talk about to your bride’s parents, make sure you are vocal about your care for their daughter. You must communicate to them, in bits and pieces, that you are entirely capable of taking care of their daughter and fulfilling her wishes. This honest communication from your side can go a long way in getting the approval of the in-laws. The bride’s father has taken care of his family for so long, and when he gives you a part of it, you are required to take care of your family in an equally responsible manner.

It is natural for your in-laws to be judging at every step. There is no escaping this and there is no better way to do this than being yourself, being calm, composed and assuring them of your capabilities. The key to all this is trust. They should be able to trust you at all times with the security of their daughter. It is obvious that your father-in-law is going to be critical at every step. He might ask you questions you are not prepared for and are at a loss about how to answer them. However, this is his test of your character. You can give a sugar-coated answer or you can be honest about it. The latter is going to be your savior in times of unforeseen crisis!

The key is remaining composed and calm. You must remember that the bride’s father has also gone through this phase when he proposed his own marriage. So he has a clear idea about your condition. If he is trying to put you in a fix, it is only because he wants to see how strong you are and how you behave in these situations. So you must remain calm and be honest about yourself and this will assure them that their daughter’s future is in good hands!

Raja Kumar

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