Importance of makeover on the wedding day

It is the dream of every woman to look their best on the wedding day. A proper make over brings about remarkable change in the look. Since ages, a lot of emphasis is given on the grooming of the bride, so much so that; it has been also included as a part of rituals (like making patterns of sandalwood on forehead) in many Indian communities. No wonder, a stunning appearance is considered pretty vital in making the most treasurable day of your life even more special.

Skincare and make up ideas of the bride

Bridal make up is a multifaceted art. It gives the perfect look to the bride. Many people prefer to don a different look than the traditional one. Make up helps to camouflage the flaws and highlight the best trait of one’s face. It is advisable to consult a professional make up artist in this regard, who can suggest the best style that will go with the bride, suiting her skin tone, features and personality.  The bridal make over depends on various things like the color and design of the wedding costume, theme of the wedding party, ethnicity and most importantly, the physical features of the bride, so that her make up complements the over all appearance. Make up experts should be booked much earlier than the wedding date to decide the style and look well in advance.

Certain things, considered as part of pre- make up ritual is to be followed to have a perfectly flawless look on the wedding day. First of all, it is very important to determine the skin type of the bride and then choose her beauty products and cosmetics.

Dry skinned beauties are suggested to go for chemical peel treatments. Applying milk cream (malai) with a pinch of turmeric paste adds an instant glow to the skin removing dryness.  Egg whites work wonder for dry skin. Almond paste with honey and olive oil should be applied daily on face and limbs to do away with the problem of dryness and have a radiant looking skin.

People with an oily skin can apply a paste of neem, sandalwood and cucumber juice. It not only removes excess oil, but also helps to remove acne scars, bringing a natural fairness to the face.

Some people are blessed with normal skin which reduces their tediousness of maintenance. The basic routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be followed months before the wedding.  Exfoliation should be done at least thrice a week. The bride should avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. Rubbing tomato pulp on skin removes the sun tan to a large extent.

Working women can go for full body polishing and take a session or two of relaxing spa.  Two sitting of manicure and pedicure is a must before the wedding. The nails and hair should be trimmed and in perfect shape. A hair spa done before a couple of days to the wedding adds an icing to the cake by adding luster to hair and it goes without a saying that the bride should have at least eight glasses of water in a day.

Make up tips for the wedding day

The make up done should give a photogenic look to the bride covering all the flaws. It is better to go for branded cosmetics than the cheaper ones as they can play havoc with the skin. Foundation and compact powder are the two indispensable items for base make-up. Foundations even out the skin tone by blending in the inconsistency with the pigmented tinge. The compact powder is used to give a natural finish to the face. The foundation and powder should be applied on the neck and other exposed region. It is important to make sure that the color of the base make up is same  or near to that of the skin tone of the bride, otherwise one can end up looking like a witch with ghastly white face.

Eye make up is very important as it brings about a lot of change. The eyed should be perfectly defined with kohl; a thick stroke of eye-liner in jet black followed by eye lashes set with voluminous mascara reflects the magnetic charm of the bride. The lip makeup and eye make up should be in accordance with each other. Lips should be liner lined with a lip liner and then filled with lipstick. The lip lining should be blended well with the lipstick. The right shade of lipstick is chosen according to the complexion of the bride. Dark red lips are never out of fashion. It suits both the classic and modern vibes of women. A bride may look charismatic with smoky eyes and bold lips dressed in a gorgeous lehenga.

The wedding make up should be in synchronization with the wedding costume. If one opts for heavy jewelry, it is preferable to go for light make-up and vice versa. Also, the time of the wedding is to be taken into consideration. For instance, if the ceremony is in the morning, minimal make-up is the option and if it is in the evening, one can go for heavy make-up. Dusting shine powder or glitter on face imparts a scintillating glow to the skin.

Indian brides mostly try out heavy makeup, bedecked in traditional attire. Amongst the Bengalis, Marathis and Tamils, it is a ritual to make beautiful patterns of sandalwood on the bride’s forehead.  Rajasthani and Gujarati brides are adorned in colorful stone bindis. After the complete makeover, the aura of the bride seems to dull everything else. All women aspire to look ravishing on the wedding day and hence make-up is one of the issues of prime importance.

Nowadays, various beauty packages are available which includes the must facial, waxing, bleaching, manicure and pedicure. They can also be customized according to the requirement of the client. Hair styles also play an important role in make-over. It is better to enhance your looks with your own style than being a thorough fashionista. Overdone make-up gives a loud and dramatic look. Thus, best of the care should be taken while doing the make-up. There are many beauty salons with professionals who can provide the best of the make-up ideas. Most of all, the make-up of the bride should complement her wedding attire and bring out the exquisite look her face.

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