With more than one billion users, Facebook is a great opportunity for any business that wants to use it as sales or advertising tool. But the question many people ask is: can I also generate income with this social network? Even if I do not have a company? Is there any way to start earning money on a Facebook page if I do not have a business?

Here we are going to give you very simple tricks to start making money with Facebook:

How to make money on a Facebook page?

#1 – Earn money on Facebook with mentions:

If you have a good number of fans who follow the posts on your Facebook page, you can earn money. You can earn it by mentioning or promoting companies, businesses, or anyone who wants to make themselves known.

Many small businesses, brands or even entrepreneurs do not have a presence on Facebook or, if they have their own page, they want to be more known among users.

That’s why they are willing to pay pages with a good number of fans to be mentioned in a Facebook publication (along with a photo) to attract customers or increase the number of visits to their web pages.

To get this kind of collaboration, it is best to search on Facebook or Google companies interested in your page. Then make a list of the most relevant, and contact them to reach an economic agreement in exchange for your publication.

If you have a page dedicated to cell phones, it is not logical to mention a food company, for example. The ideal would be to contact brands that sell accessories or products related to mobile phones.

#2 – Sell your own products:

One of the easiest ways to earn money with a Facebook page is by selling your own digital products. These can be electronic books that you have written, such as ebooks or guides and manuals, or articles that can be downloaded immediately as online courses that you have created.

To sell them, you only need to upload those files to a storage platform – like Mega – and post on Facebook an attractive photo of your product with a short description and the link to make the payment.

# 3 – Promote affiliate products on your page:

Don’t you have any product of your own? Then sell other people’s articles and take a commission for each sale you get. This is what is called “affiliate marketing”. This method works exactly like the previous one. Only that instead of adding a link to your products, you will have to publish the affiliate link provided by the company in which you register.

There are many companies that have affiliate programs: Clickbank, Amazon, Apple, and several others.

Search a bit on the Internet to find the company that best suits your Facebook page, register in your affiliate program, and choose the relevant products for your fans.

Publish your affiliate link and, each time someone clicks on that link and buys the product, you will take a commission from the total sale.

# 4 – Send traffic to your blog with AdSense ads:

If you are also one of those who has a small corner on the Internet where you write posts frequently, you can redirect your Facebook fans to him to earn money. The only thing you should do in this method is to place some Google AdSense ads on your blog. So, when your fans visit your page, they will see those ads and you will earn money too.

On your Facebook page, all you have to do is post the links to each new article you write. You should make it with an attractive description so that they click on that link, go to your blog, and see your ads.

 # 5 – Sell your own Facebook page:

Every day there are more people who are dedicated to creating Facebook pages with a specific theme. You can publish different content in them to attract fans, and then sell them when they have reached a large number of followers.

Although it seems strange, a whole market generates around this. And there are many people who buy Facebook pages already created with fans for their small business or professional brand.

We recommend you combine all these methods or just some to generate even more income. For example, you can use your page to earn money with AdSense on your blog, and at the same time sell mentions and affiliate products.

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Rohit Raj

Rohit Rajdev is an entrepreneur and having over 2 years of progressive experience as a web content writer. He has ability to generate content in a clear and precise manner. He has extensive knowledge of Google keywords research tools. He is target oriented and ability to perform tasks within limited period of time. You can reach him on Rohitrajdev1981@gmail.com

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