Marriage life is very enjoyable if you keep warmth of relations alive. Sharing your ideas, views, celebrating small successes, sharing hard time together are the few things which keeps a relationship alive. Intimacy is one another thing which is most important to enjoy the marriage life.

Don’t get to the sexual meanings of the word “Intimacy”. Here by intimacy I mean sharing a warm healthy and informal atmosphere. An atmosphere where one can share their private moments, where persons can share their love affection and interests. A married couple has all the time for making sex but getting these light moments is rare. Intimacy is a key for a successful marriage. A couple who share their views with each other, who understands the interest and dislikes of the partner can live a Better life.
Intimacy can be defined in many ways.

A simple or sexual touch, a seductive smile or gaze or anything done for satisfying carnal desires can be considered as intimacy play. But the definition of intimacy doesn’t ends here, Getting some private moments is all about intimacy.

You intimacy with your spouse can bring you happier and memorable moments of life.

Here mentioned are 25 ways to steal some intimate moments from this Paced life. Start practicing these today and soon you’ll see a happier time with your spouse.

    • 1.

Flowers speak the language of love:

    Believe me, Flowers, with their fragrances and colors, has ability to win hearts in matter of none second.. Give a bunch of flower to spouse at his/her workplace. This will let them know that how special they are for you. You’ll see the twinkle of her/his eye on getting these unexpected beautiful flowers.

    • 2.

Maintain eye contact:

    A great song in Hindi film is “Zara nazron se keh do Ji, nishana chook na jaye” (Dear, tell your eyes to not miss aiming at my heart). An eye contact and few notorious gestures can add sweetness in your relation.
    • 3.

Go for an outing:

    An outing with your spouse is a great idea to get intimacy in your life. Plan an outing where you can spend quality time together. This outing can give you a time and space for enjoying your relationship.
    • 4.

Express your love:

    Write a poem or a love letter to your spouse. Don’t worry; if you are not a poet or a good writer, just write the feelings of your heart. She will love it.
    • 5.

Give Surprises:

    Plan a day and buy some gifts. Take a day leave or half day leave from your work and surprise your partner with your Idea. If your Spouse is working, you can leave office an hour earlier. Prepare or arrange a delicious dinner and enjoy the evening with great intimacy.
    • 6.

Have a Dance together:

    You may find this idea silly; but believe me doing such things can improve your marriage life. What if you do not have dancing skills or your spouse has few extra pounds on belly; just take hands in hand and shake a little. If you like dancing, you as a pair can prepare a couple dances: which you can perform publicly. You’ll see the persons complimenting about your pair.
    • 7.

Discuss the past sweet memories:

    discuss the days when butterflies had been flying in your stomach. There is no harm in recreating the first date. Recreate or recall the past memories and have fun and intimacy in your relations.
    • 8.

Praise and show your love publically:

    Showing love publically doesn’t mean performing sexual gestures. Showing love means having a walk holding hands in hand, giving a gentle shoulder massage or such love gestures. Praise and show your love for your spouse. Celebrate every small and big success together.
    • 9.

Plan a second honeymoon:

    If you are not getting quality time and want to get a break from your routine life, Plan a Honeymoon with your spouse and go to any place where no one knows you. Going to a Island is best idea. Switch off you mobile and take a plunge in river of Love.
    • 10.

Discuss your priorities:

    Discuss what your plans for future are. Your spouse is your soul mate and you must take his/her advice in making every small or big decisions of your life. Set your goal and tell it to your spouse. This will help you in understanding each other and this will help you to strengthen your bonding.
    • 11.

Kisses and Bedtime talks:

    • have a Lip lock and take your time in kissing you spouse. Let your spouse feel the intensity of your love.

Tell him/her your likes in dislikes in bed. Be wild and some naughty and have some bedtime jokes to feel a better intimacy.

    • 12.

Listen and care:

    Caring is an integral part of Intimacy. Listen your spouse carefully and respect their thoughts and suggestion. Intimacy is all about listening and understanding each other.
    • 13.

Make your spouse comfortable:

    it’s your duty to understand your spouse – your life partner. Life is full of many topsy-turvy and you must know and share the problem in your spouse’s life. Know about their concerns and fears and give him your support and courage.
    • 14.

Put your spouse at first priority in life:

    Love is a give and take relationship. Marriage is bonding for life and you must give priority to your spouse. Let him/her feel that you find him the most special in life. Speak your love towards him/ her. Remember, Intimacy is art opportunity of showing love.
    • 15.

Giving new wings to your marriage life:

    if you had any problems in past, forget them and start afresh. Discuss the vows you took at marriage. This is not the set rule that the vows have to remain same throughout the life. Discuss and develop your own wedding vows and give new wings to your life.

These are few golden rules a couple must incorporate in their life to enjoy it at fullest. The love affection and care is what a person expects from partner and if you will shower these on your partner you are assured about a great life ahead.

Raja Kumar

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