Chennai is among those cities who have taken part in the whole big grand and expensive marriage events quiet impressively. Today, the tradition of the Bollywood style marriages is increasing at a high pace and Chennai has kept up with the pace. These days Indians prefer to enjoy the efficient arrangements of the wedding planners rather than working all day to arrange a middle class wedding for themselves. South has started following the trend of the expensive wedding ceremonies. Chennai has some exquisite locations and venues that provide the best class marriages to the couple and lack no hard work in making this day the best day of their life. the food, the decorations and even the hospitality of the hotel and the marriage halls is the definition of class and decency. These hotels and marriage halls can be booked for the functions and rituals held before and after the marriage functions and the whole functions can be planned in the same locations with the most exceptional arrangements made by the halls and banquets.


Also known as the MRC hall is the most star studded hotel of Chennai and provides an exotic venue to the bride and groom to get married and celebrate their happiness with their close ones. The exotic location has many highlights that contain the facility of two halls in which one is smaller than the other, the huge dining area for different events and the large parking space which can hold about 300 cars at a time. This place gives the couple the ideal location for getting married because this place is classy and traditional at the same time. The place is adorned by art facilities inside out which are one other highlight of the venue. The place can be booked for both the wedding and the rituals before and after the wedding too. We have noted the experience of the parties who have had their wedding in the same hall and they said that the experience was exceptional. The price that the hall costs is affordable and lenient considering the arrangements and the facilities that the hball provides to the clients.

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This is another marriage hall that has created its own respect and has high fame in the whole city is Shri Raghavendra Mandapam. This marriage hall is affiliated from Shri Raghavendra Swami Temple and is one of the most appreciated halls of times. The services of the halls are excellent and the hall provides the blend of modern and traditional times being an affiliated hall from the most renowned temples of the Chennai. The weddings in the hall are total bliss and the arrangements for the wedding are exceptional. The hall has the capacity of holding 500 guests at a time and the exteriors and the interiors of the marriage halls are decorated with various art facilities.

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