Indian weddings are known throughout the world because of its heavy tradition and rituals of it. Indian weddings have their own and unique crisp and spark. The big fat Indian weddings actually brings close the family and give them the time to enjoy and laugh. Indian weddings have now copied the Hollywood style and unlike before are often held at marriage halls which promise a comfortable and grand function to all its clients. Marriage hall is a convenient choice because the celebrations are more coordinated and comfortable that ways and the arrangements are done efficiently at an affordable price. Marriage halls in Pune have been doing the job making the special day for the couple reach up to their expectations and have done a fabulous job in that. There are many marriage halls that are the ultimate destination for the big fat Indian wedding that every bride has her dreams set on. Some of them are:


If the couples want their wedding to take place in the open space of Pune, Courtyard Lawn is the place for you. The area is spread extensively about 13000 square feet. The areas of the lawns are decorated in the most stylish way possible and the services provided by the hotel are famous in the city. The lawn has the seating area of about 500 guests. Food is of different varieties and is also the highlight of the event. The place guarantees you that the event that they would organise would be the most happening event of time and the guests will go home happy by their services. Also, the pieces of the hotel are convenient so the guests could be given their private accommodations which will feel more lavish at a convenient rate. They also provide their services for various other wedding events which are held before and after the wedding like cocktail parties and sangeet. These lawn wedding are in fashion these days and give the weddings a more classy look compared to the marriage halls. The decoration of the lawn can be changed from time to time but this cannot be the case in marriage halls. So preferring this venue would be the smart choice.


It is truly said that the perfect wedding are not just dreamed but are planned. JV Marriot has an experience in throwing the most perfect wedding in everybody’s point of view. Planning the perfect wedding has been the hobby of the staff here and the hall has huge reputation in publicity in whole of the city. JV Marriot has been in business since years and provides the couple the most memorable event that they will cherish their whole life. The hall is spread over the area of 3000 square feet and is the most exotic venue in Pune. The decorations and food of the venue are the highlight of the events and the hospitality of the staff is applaudable. Cocktails parties are also a speciality of the hall.

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