Now is the time where most of the weddings in our country take place in marriage houses. This has become a trend in our country and gone are the days where the weddings took place in the ancestral houses following the trend. But when we look at the benefits of planning these weddings in some nice marriage hall we realise that wedding halls are good to go because of the comfort and arrangement it provides to its clients. Also, marriage is one of the most important occasions in the life of a couple and they want to celebrate it in the most lavish way possible and want this event to be the most memorable occasion of their life. Nobody has to be blamed for having dreams of the perfect and hefty Indian wedding in the most splendid way possible. No wonder people will to spend huge amount for this perfect event of their life because these are the moments they will cherish all their life and perfect marriage halls help their clients create these moments for them. For the people who want this occasion to remain in the memories of the guest all their lives and have a big hefty budget for it, here are some exotic locations for the perfect wedding everybody dreams for:


To the couple who wants to keep the traditions of the family alive and still want their wedding to be the most perfect events of time, here is a venue that fulfils all your wishes. Jag Mandir is situated in the middle of the Lake Pichola and is the hot favourite of the traditional families. This venue is known for the perfect wedding planning and provides first class arrangements to its incomers. This place can be booked for other wedding occasions too and has been shown in many of our Bollywood weddings as the blend of beauty and tradition. This is one of the best places to get married and have the dream fulfilled of your perfect marriage.


Well who hasn’t seen the movie Band Baja Baraat and appreciated the beautiful locations that provide the most gala events of time. The locations shown in the movie are the sites of the best wedding venue in the capital of India, New Delhi. Sainik Farms is the wedding venue that provides the classiest wedding for the elite class. The cost of these weddings is a little more than usual but these sites are known in the country for hosting the most grant marriages possible. So if you want you occasion to be hot and happening make sure you contact the experts for the job.


Known by less, this wedding venue is for the couple who want their wedding to be a quite event beside the perfect scenery. To those who believe the wedding is the private occasion, Zuri Kumarakom in Alleyppey is the place that you should consider. The venue is not the best in providing elite class arrangements but the view of the place will definitely make your heart pound with delight and joy and make your wedding special.


Raja Kumar

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