Marriages in India are the true illustration of celebrations! It is an essential part of our culture and beliefs depicting life the very motive for our living. A name of marriage hall is a place wherever two souls are united in the favorable attendance of their loved ones. A place where the society comes to witness an outstanding occasion, of two relations committing their trust, admiration and allegiance to each other.

Did I approximately marriage hall is a place for devising marriages? Oh yes, of course it is! Not only for the present marriage that is taking place but it is also the chasing ground for entitled unmarried man by fathers and uncles of to be spouses. You would be witness to a lot of Uncles very casually taking a young lad aside and asking him So how are you doing today Son? The Son is actually a desirable Son-in-law. The only ones that don’t like this side talk is other prospective Fathers-in-law who are jealous and suspicious of a prospective bridegroom of their princess being manipulated by a fierce competitor in the race for finding the best life partner for their daughters.

The bride and the bridegroom’s family have spent lot of energy and resources in finding the perfect dress for the grandest occasion of their lives. Even the side casts, the Jijas and Salis come decked up for the occasion. A lot of young bachelors, who are not eligible for marriage because some older cousin is blocking their line, find marriage halls a perfect place to flirt around with the best dressed girls of the opposite party.

Amidst the low melody of shehnai is and folk songs being played in the background there is lot of clamor and chatter going on constantly in the banquet halls where the weddings take place. Suddenly, you will find all attention being drawn to a group of high pitched young individuals who are demanding a sum in return of the bridegrooms shoes which the brides sisters hide in an age old tradition. The old by age but young at heart uncles and aunties make it a point to be a part of this bargaining session from either side. A lot of traditional occasions form part of the typical Indian wedding. The occasions differ based on the religion and caste and creed of the marriage parties. However, there is no difference in the mood and atmosphere and the environment of the marriages, which are always vocal, colorful and full of traditional celebrations and foods.

The best part about attending a marriage reception or marriage vow ceremony for most is the food. Only the best cuisines that are in vogue and meet the traditional requirements find a place in the menu of a wedding day. The wedding hall in a typical Indian Wedding always gives a lot of work to the muscles of the nose and brain that are in charge of identifying the sense of smell. As soon as the eyes meet the source of the wonderful aromas that touch the heart, the mouthwatering begins. For most Indians the only place where they are banned from talking about anything other quality of food than taste is the marriage hall.


Raja Kumar

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