About Cancer:

Cancer is a disease in which several body cells get infected and the infection keeps on spreading by destroying the body tissues. The infected cells get divided and the surrounding tissues of the infected cells also get infected. As cancer an infect any body part, there are various forms of cancers such as prostate cancer, lungs cancer, breast cancer and many more. We will suggest ways to prevent cancer in this article.

Is cancer genetic?

Though many people consider this disease to be genetic, actually cancer is dependent on the combination of genes. When the DNA gets damaged it creates tumors and these tumors lead to cancer by affecting the body cells. So, if somebody inherits a damaged DNA from his parent, he would have higher risks of cancer. According to some researchers, among 100 cancer affected people only 2 to 3 people inherit cancer due to gene faults.

Can we prevent cancer?

Cancer is a dangerous disease which infects a particular body part and starts spreading speedily. There are certain methods like chemotherapy to destroy the damaged cancer cells but after chemotherapy, the infected cells regrow again. So, cancer affected people need to take chemotherapies for more than one time and this therapy is not at all healthy. Rather than that, there is no such medicine to cure cancer completely. Sometimes, tumor operation can help the people if the cancer was found in the very initial stage. In later stages, preventing cancer becomes difficult but we can prevent being affected by cancer.

How to prevent cancer?

Well, it is better to say that there are certain ways of following which we can protect ourselves from cancer. You can prevent cancer if you follow there simple but beneficial ways in your day-to-day life:

Say no to tobacco and alcohols: Excessing intake of tobacco and alcohols can actually create higher risks to get cancer. So, you must lower the intake of tobacco and alcohols as much as possible. It’s better to say stop smoking and stop drinking!

Eat healthy daily: Heath eating is a must to lead a healthy life and also to lead a cancer-free life. Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet daily. Fibers can help to lower the risks of cancer.

Say no to processed meats: Nowadays, processed meats like ham, sausages, and nougats are very popular as they are easy to cook. But these processed meats can actually higher the risks of cancer. So, it’s better to avoid red meat and process meats.

Be physically active, do exercise daily: To maintain a proper weight is very important to lower the risks of cancer. For this, everybody needs to do regular exercises to keep the body fit and active. It’s true that overweighed people have higher chances of cancer.

Avoid direct sunlight: As sunrays contain harmful ultraviolet rays, these rays are harmful and can cause cancer. So, it’s better to avoid direct sunrays while traveling in the day. People can use an umbrella or covered cloths to lower the cancer risks.

Build strong immunity system: Daily exercising and having healthy food will stronger the immunity system and this can actually reduce the risks of cancer in an individual.

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