There will never be a better time to start quitting smoking. All you need to do is just to make it through today, don’t think about tomorrow, focus on today. If you’re looking to say no to cigarettes, here are some effective steps to quit smoking.

Write down the things you like and dislike about smoking

Take a paper and write down why you like smoking. You won’t need any help listing down the things you like. However, get a feedback from your friends and family when you write about the drawbacks. When you’re done, you’ll see how the negative side overweighs the positive. If you’re brave enough, you’ll be ready to quit.

Write down why quitting won’t be easy

You might have plenty of reason to quit smoking, yet, it is a preposterous task for anyone. List down why it isn’t easy, this will help you tackle the hurdles one at a time. Write down why it’ll be challenging, and write an alternate method that you can replace it with. For example, if you think smoking helps you relieve stress, make walking as an alternate option.

Write the reasons for you to quit smoking

You must find a sturdy reason to quit smoking. To give you an idea, think about the drawbacks it has on you and your family. Think how it affects your kids and loved ones. You can also make the list like, how it affects your kid, how it affects your partner, followed by your own health concerns.

Set a date to quit forever

This is an important step to take on your journey. Don’t do this by yourself, set this date with your partner or kids as a witness. You can also put your signature and make it your primary goal for that period of time.

Reduce smoking

You can’t quit smoking that easily, it is a journey that only a few will overcome. However, one can achieve this goal by taking one single step at a time. As an initiative, try to reduce your smoking by each day. Instead of buying cartons of cigarettes, try buying a single pack and carry only two to three. This will slowly reduce your propensity to smoke whenever you want.

Prepare a list of alternatives to deal with your craving

There will be times where you’ll get hit by craving, you better prepare for such circumstances. When this happens, try any of these suggestions: drink a glass of water, take a walk, kiss your partner or kids, wash the car, chew a piece of gum, get a cup of tea, or play a game.

Quit when you’re in a good mood

Quitting when you’re in a good mood makes your decision easier. On the other hand, studies have proven that you’re less likely to achieve your goal if you quit under difficult circumstances. Also, throw out anything that reminds you of smoking when that day arrives.

These steps are sure to help you quit smoking. At the same time, I’d also suggest you try different foods instead of spending your money on cigarettes. Buy foods or snacks with money you save each day, or buy chocolate for your kids or partner.

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Asif Haneef

A writer with passion to share his insights on food, health, sports, and travel. For him, writing was a hobby that turned into a way to share his knowledge to the world.

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