Organizing receptions takes a lot of time and often a lot of money; you should have in mind the costs for all – hall, decorations, catering, extra costs, too. Usually the largest part of the budget goes to pay the hall rent, which usually is based on the number of the guests; in other cases the price is for the entire hall and period, with no counting of the people invited.

If the hotel or the organization, which is the owner of the banquet hall, includes decoration and catering service, the entire price of the hall will be higher. Have in mind all that, while reading the list of banquet and wedding halls we’ve chosen.

-In Mumbai we find one nice place, where standard and budget offers for marriage halls are available. An example of that is Mac Queens, one of the most affordable places in the city. There you can find wedding halls with capacity of 500 people with budget of 700INR onwards.

-The Best Western Hotel Sahil is the next affordable place in the list, again in Mumbai. It has six banquet and wedding halls, which are extremely comfortable and affordable. The largest is with capacity of 300 people and starts from 600INR onwards; the quality is excellent and the catering and decoration services, too.

-The Grand Imperial Banquets is the next place to find nice services and prices for banquet and wedding halls. The prices of the large ball room, with capacity of 700 people costs just 900INR onwards.

There is different kind of picture, too; in fact finding cheap offers for wedding halls and banquet rooms is very hard, because there is abundance of highly expensive services. To be fair lately many people think that expensive wedding will give them happy life or just relate it with high class, style and elegance. The city of Chennai offers some of these.

-E Hotel is great place, which offer high quality banquet halls and catering services, where the prices start from 850INR per person. This is just the food – add decorations, hall costs and the other expenses.

-The Leela Palace, situated to face the Bay of Bengal is the best place for your wedding. The nice view sand quality services are only part of the nice and memorable experience you and your guests will have. Prices per plate start from 1500INR.

-Another nice place for wedding is Abu Palace, rated as excellent by 81 percent of its visitors. There you will find great banquet hall and catering service; and the prices start from 500INR per plate. The prices of the banquet hall are higher and you might obtain them after short inquiry at

Finding the right place and the best price is usually extremely hard, but possible; of course it needs proper research and knowledge of the industry. You must be aware of every detail, knowing what you pay and why; never forget that elegance and style has its price.


Raja Kumar

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