Incredible India is covered with a network of mysteries that remain unsolved and that science has not yet found the answers. From strange temples to incredible incidents, these mysteries will only immerse you in the intrigue that surrounds all this. Take a look at these 7 puzzling unsolved mysteries of India that are still unresolved and that have been an absolute riddle to this day!

Top Unsolved Mysteries of India

  1. The curious case of Subhash Chandra Bose:

The case of Subhash Chandra Bose is one of the unsolved mysteries of India. No one knows the truth behind one of India’s most revered freedom fighters. “Does he still live?”, “If yes, then where does he live?” If not, then in what year did he die and how? “These disturbing questions do not yet have a clear answer. The last “secret” that has emerged through a letter is that Bose married to a Czech lady and they had a daughter named “Nima”. The letter also states that there is a document of Subhash Bose’s autobiography that shows that “he did not die in a plane crash”.

  1. The suicide of birds in Jatinga:

Jatinga, a small town in Assam, each year owns an inexplicable phenomenon in which birds kill themselves. Between September and December, hundreds of birds of around 40 species are attracted to the light sources and hit the surrounding walls and trees. Some say that the villagers deliberately change the lights to attract the birds and hunt them, while others speculate that these birds are disturbed by the high-speed winds and their rumble.

  1. The mysterious Malcha Mahal:

This 700-year-old country house is home to two real brothers who never leave their house in ruins. Princess Sakina and Prince Riaz have no contact with the outside world and stay inside. The board of directors of the gate says strictly that “The intruders will be shot down”, and is guarded by seven ferocious dogs. Once a very rich family, they fell on bad times and ended up on the verge of poverty. Today, only the surviving brothers remain inside the Mahal without adequate food, electricity or water supply.

  1. Kodinhi, the village of the twins:

Venturing into this small town in Kerala will make you realize that it is full of twins. In fact, it is known that there are approximately 200 pairs of twins. It is said that the phenomenon of twinning in Kodinhi began around 60 or 70 years ago, but the exact cause of this phenomenon remains unknown. The doctors were baffled by the twinning relationship and nobody has since found an explanation. Even after studying the lifestyle of pregnant women and their pregnancy cycle, the town still has not come to a conclusion about why twins are born in the town.

  1. Jal Mahal, the floating place:

Jal Mahal, the incredible palace on the island of Jaipur, has a mysterious history. Historians estimate that the palace was built 300 years ago. However, nobody really knows why it was built. The lake used to be a bird-watching place and was the preferred land for Rajput kings to hunt ducks. Some say it was built for inmates and they were chained to the isolated palace. However, today, the Mahal has a great makeover and is now open for people on some boat trips.

  1. The goddess of the menstruation of the Kamakhya Temple:

The Kamakhya Temples is one of the unsolved mysteries of India. The Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati has a statue of the goddess Kamakhya Devi bleeding. In every month of June (Ashaad), the goddess menstruates. During this period, the river of the Brahmaputra which is located near Kamakhya turns red. After this, the temple remains closed for next 3 days. So far, it has not been proven scientifically that blood is the cause of the red river. Some say that priests pour something into the waters and make it turn red.

  1. Nidhi Van, where the trees become Gopis:

This sacred place in Vrindavan closes after the aarti at night. It is said that the trees of Nidhi become Gopikas and Lord Sri Krishna appears and surrenders to Raasleela. People believe that if someone witnesses the incident, they become blind, dumb and deaf the next morning.

Here are the 7 puzzling unsolved mysteries of India that have broken brains for decades.

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