Millions of people have watched SpaceX which is recently launched by Elon Musk.

The largest SpaceX rocket took off this Tuesday (06.02.2018) from the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on its long-awaited first test flight to an orbit near Mars. The SpaceX Falcon Heavy is launched into space shortly after amid resounding applause at the mission control command in Southern California.

Minutes after the launch, two of Falcon Heavy’s booster rockets landed safely on the launching platform of Cape Canaveral, a technological feat that the company and Elon Musk had promised would drastically reduce the costs of space flights.

Here, key points to understand the Historic Launch of SpaceX:

# Elon Musk Expected The Rocket To Explode:

Elon Musk said he would consider Tuesday’s launching a “SUCCESS” if this Falcon rocket moves “far enough from the platform so as not to damage it.” In further words, I contemplated the scenario that the launch failed exploded. Musk has noticed his rockets succumbed before, something that could have happened again.

Why would I fail? This Falcon Heavy is composed, in simple terms, by 3 separate rockets that are stuck together. If any of the 3 fails, there is a high probability that the entire system will do so.

# What’s Inside?

Falcon Heavy is carrying Tesla Roadster Electric Car. It has a dummy man wearing space suits and it is seating behind the sporting wheel. The mannequin “Starman” who is sitting on the back side of the Tesla Roadster wheel, you see in the following picture. This photo is published on the Instagram account of Elon Musk.

# Where Is This Car Going?

There is some confusion regarding this launching. It seems that this car is going to land on Mars but in fact, Falcon Heavy will drive this vehicle into an orbit which will keep roaming near the sun. It will be eventually reaching into the orbit of the Mars.

Why a car? In a tweet in December of last year, Musk said he simply loves the idea of a car that moves endlessly through space and maybe, perhaps, discovered by alien race millions of years in the future.

# A Big Dream by Elon Musk:

It is the spectacular opening in the Musk mission to take over Mars. This SpaceX Falcon Heavy has the capacity to transport almost 17,000 Kgs to the red planet. This is the same rocket that is expected to start the SpaceX operation. The main object of this mission is to send millions of inhabitants on the Mars by 2062. If this sounds ambitious, we must bear in mind that Elon Musk may miss his deadlines, but eventually he fulfills what he proposes.

The launching moment was favorable for many children to see it live: the test could have propelled their young imagination high into space. This launch, safe and harmless without having any human crew, marks very surely the beginning of a strange and new world that will soon become the future of these new generations. It will be a future where a human being will travel to the Mars to stay there.

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