Strange places cause a lot of speculation on how it ended up in its final state. Usually, people believe it has something to do with science or, to make things interesting, supernatural and extraterrestrial matters.

Since there’s been curious, adventurous individual, here are 10 strange places seen on Earth!

1. Richat Structure

Called The Eye of Sahara, its trademark is the mysterious circular formation seen on plain sight in the centre of the Sahara desert. Even if it still remains a mystery, people believe it could be from a meteor impact or a scientific explanation.

2. Antelope Canyon

Situated in Arizona, the Antelope Canyon has always been a tourist attraction in the USA because of its resemblance to the Star Trek movie.

The unique formation of the passageways was due to flash floods which caused the sandstones to erode. Even today, because of the rain, new passageways appear in the canyons. It is also considered a spiritual experience by Navajo people.

3. Waitomo Cave

Another one of the strange places on earth is a cave found in New Zealand. It would cast a spell as it looks like a scene out of the Avatar movie. The walls illuminate blue, dreamy lights caused by glowing worms.

For its alluring beauty, its lights lure bugs in and glue them against the sticky walls for the glowing worms to feast on later. For such beauty, it could also be a deadly trap for other organisms.

4. Marieta Island

The stunning hidden beach has always been the go-to place for tourists who are into scuba diving and snorkelling. It has its own ecosystem despite the island previous bomb testing and explosions that brought the existence of the island.

5. Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love proves that strange places can set out a romantic vibe than the usual eerie ambiance. Nature has taken its course around an abandoned train track in Ukraine and it has always given out a picturesque appearance for couples to capture.

6. Mount Roraima

Known as the “Lost World,” it is one of the oldest formations in the world that has been around for two billion years. It acts as a border point between Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana. Due to how wide and tall it is, the waterfalls run endlessly from the rainwater that it collects daily.

7. Skaftafell Ice Cave

With its unique-structured wall caves, the way its formed will leave an individual looking in awe. The splendour of the Ice Cave shows different hues of blue caused by mixed rain and melted water.

8. Giant Causeway

Due to the intense volcanic activities, it was exposed to for more than 50 million years, it peculiarly formed 40,000 hexagonal-shaped columns and later on, this natural formation earned the name ‘Northern Ireland’s most popular attraction.

9. Lake Natron

It is the lake that turns birds into stone. The high evaporation rates leave the water with a striking red pigment that looks like your Mars on Earth.

10. Angkor Wat

An enchanting, temple taken over by nature where Indiana Jones fans would enjoy witnessing the sight. It’s awed tourists due to its intricate, detailed walls. It’s usually mistaken as a fallen city.

Earth is still young and there are still a lot of terrains waiting for discovery. It is only a matter of time when people will find more peculiar locations that need an explanation. But for now, what strange place lures you the most?

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