The craze of building futuristic cities is at its peak and why not? Everyone is so curious about the future! When we look back a decade ago and compare it with the current world, the technological revolutions simply shock us! In such cases, it will be interesting to know about the most amazing futuristic cities!

For your curiosity, here are the top 10 futuristic cities!

Cite new, Mexico

Imagine what a $1 billion city would look like? Located in the desert of Mexico, this ‘Ghost’ city is not only the master hub for testing various technologies but also it is an energy efficient project!

Highlights: Laboratory for testing, innovation, and analysis of the renewable sources of energy! Moreover, It aims to build automated vehicles which can revolutionize the future of the world!

King Abdullah economic city, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for its most high-tech projects and some megastructures. King Abdullah announced this $½ billion project which will complete on 2020. Located in the red sea, this project emphasizes on improving the oil-based economy!

Highlights: A megacity with ports, residential areas, resorts, as well as an educational zone and is one of the best investment projects currently!

Destiny, Florida

This project surrounds the Disney world. America will have its most eco-sustainable as well as technological projects after its completion.

Highlights: Best infrastructure and use of renewable sources of energy, waste management system, solar panels, solar array and additionally, an energy farm for producing biofuel!

Bismayah new city, Iraq

This is Iraq’s  biggest city development project. Accommodation for 600,000 people is planned. It will get completed in 2021 and presently under construction.

Highlights: Housing project with the modern road network, schools, hospitals, in addition to entertainment areas with the international touch!

Gujarat international finance tech city, India

This is a huge project for building high tech city to improve technology as well as finance in Gujarat. This 1 trillion project is under construction. Also, this will become one of the best mega projects in India!

Highlights: High-quality infrastructure, constant electricity and water supply, enhanced road network, international education as well as entertainment zones!

Masdar city, UAE

This project promises to take renewable energy together with solar energy to a new level.

Highlights: High-tech Public transport, clean energy vehicles, and personally guided pod cars, renewable energy sources as well as solar energy!

X-seed 4000, Japan

This project planned in Tokyo is actually, Inspired by Mount Fiji. Moreover, it has its own uniqueness.

Highlights: 100 floors high city, $1.4 trillion dollars project, wind turbines, pyramid-shaped infrastructure!

Crystal Island, Moscow

This planned infrastructure will occupy an entire city in a building. It is comparatively a world-class project with surprising benefits!

Highlights: Solar panels and wind turbines, accommodation for 12 million people, protection from intense cold and heat, entertainment zones, educational zones, parks etc!

Rawabi Palestine

This mega project built near Jerusalem will have high tech housing and residential projects!

Highlights: Employment opportunity for residents, all basic facilities like banks, entertainment, hospitals, schools with high tech finishes! Computerised water recycling, public transport etc!

Ziggurat project, Dubai

This technologically advanced project will bring a revolution with its design.

Highlights: Shaped like a pyramid, housing for 1 million people, wind turbines natural energy, universities as well as public transport!

Finally, the finest architecture is making these cities to make to this futuristic cities list!

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