Whenever I think of travelling, I cannot stop myself from imaging the stuff that I can buy while travelling. For example, thinking of Dubai, I cannot think anything besides buying carpets. Similarly, thinking of Paris, I cannot stop myself from thinking of buying dresses and gowns from there. The world is diverse and amazing in itself. Travelers get to experience the best as they roam all over the world to see and get the feel of the world never explored before. If you are someone who is not really shopaholic or even an ardent traveller, it is important for you to know the places beforehand where you can shop and have a great time. Here is a list of 12 best places to shop across the globe:

Discover And Shop


Where to Shop In Seoul Image courtesy The Poor Traveler Blog

The Capital city of South Korea has an amazing variety to offer to the shoppers and travellers at reasonable (not always) rate. You can get amazing deals that are value for money. Here is a list of things that you can think of buying from Seoul:

  1. CUCKOO: An electric rice cooker that can be controlled with voice commands.
  2. Hangover Cure Products: It is okay to get drunk while partying and if you have hangover cure products such as Gyeondyo-bar ice cream from Korea you don’t have to worry about hangover anymore. There are more such products available in the city.
  3. Alcohol: Korean alcohol is one of the many things that travellers take back home. Soju and Makgeolli are two Korean drinks that are cheap in price and gives amazing delight.
  4. Beauty products: Cosmetic products made in Korea are gaining popularity across the work, so why not take them home.
  5. Health Goods: Want to uplift your immunity? Don’t forget to buy Korean red Ginseng. Gim or dried seaweed is yet another organic product available in Korea that is rich in vitamins, calcium, and carotenes.

These are some of the amazing stuff that you can buy in Seoul. There are other things also that may awake your shopping spree instinct. Want to know what else you can buy from Korea, check out this blog page https://blog.trazy.com/top-20-things-to-buy-in-seoul-to-take-home/


Shop At branded Shop in Milan. Image courtesy YouTube

Milan, an Italian city, is home to many fashion designers including Versace and Prada. The city is a great place to shop designer clothes. Here is a list of places where you can go shopping in Milan:  But, before you prepare yourself for shopping in Milan, don’t forget to read: TOP 7 Tips for Shopping in Milan

  1. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele: The mall is one of the oldest mall in the world. It has a four-story building. The mall, because of its historic value, is a great place for shoppers as well as non-shoppers.
  2. The Brera district: Looking for boutiques in Milan, the Brera district has some amazing boutiques of Milan. Milan has Italy’s most fashionable streets.  Travelling to Milan don’t forget to buy fashionable gifts for your loved ones.


Shop in Dubai. Image courtesy Alternative Dubai

Dubai is being visited by more and more of visitors every year. The city has many shopping destinations that are popular among travellers. If you are someone who is travelling to Dubai for the first time, here is a list of shopping destinations in Dubai that you should visit:

  1. Deira Gold Souk: The place has about 300 retailers with most of them dealing in Gold.
  2. Al Fahidi Street: The Street has many electronic shops.
  3. Global Village: As the name suggests the place offers carnival-like atmosphere. There artists performance by stunt men and women. It is a great place to buy artefacts.
  4. Karama Shopping Center: Travelling to Dubai you may consider buying gifts for your loved ones. Karama Shopping Center is the place for you.
  5. Bur Dubai Souk: The place the famous for fabric and textiles retailers.

Shopping in Dubai can be fun and adventurous. The city offers a wide variety of shopping destinations from specialist shops to street shops.


Shop in Tokyo. Image courtesy JRGTS – DevinArt

Tokyo is the most affordable shopping destination for travellers. The best place to shop in Tokyo is department stores. At Tokyo, you can buy colourful anime goods, artefacts, branded products, and more. Some of the most popular shopping destination in Tokyo includes Shibuya – famous place to buy fashionable clothes – Shinjuku is the largest shopping centre. The place has outlets by some well-known companies. Shopping in Tokyo can be expensive, but you can get almost everything there.

New York:

Shop In New York. Image courtesy The Vanca

Caption: What goes around comes around specializes in upmarket vintage attire and accessories

Talking about shopping, how can we not mention New York. Your friends and relatives or even you might have been to this amazing place, but have you ever heard of the vintage shopping place Rare Vintage. It has almost everything to appease the craving of the shoppers.


These are some top shopping destinations across the world. You may be thinking why I didn’t include Paris and London and other famous travelling destinations to this list. Well, we all know that London and Paris are amazing places to travel and shop but did you know about the Rare Vintage and CUCKOO, I guess no. The purpose of the post is to make you aware of the places that you have been but missed to shop. Want to know more about shopping destinations across the globe, check out the website of The Globe Shopper Index, a reliable source for shoppers.


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