Wedding Reception

Wedding ceremony is held after the completion of the marriage ceremonies. A wedding Reception is part of tradition for almost all the societies. In this, the guests those are present to shower their blessings on the couple are invited and food and drinks are part of the party. The reception time can vary from hours to days according to the tradition followed across various cultures. Food and Drinks are part of the occasion. Generally, these functions take place in lawns or banquet halls booked by the family. These days the venue, food, decoration all is taken care by the event management companies that organize the wedding reception as per the requirements of the families. The reception parties these days revolve around a theme which can be outdoor theme or the parties planned in some culture’s style for example Rajasthani wedding etc. These decorations and the lighting can be given as contract to separate tent houses or can be given to the people in the venue. There are special offers and packages that are available for the couples which include catering, decorations, lighting etc. the packages include elaborate decoration that can take one’s breath away and cuisines that the connoisseurs can vouch for. These packages are available at prices that are affordable to the families.

But there are some families that love the grand tradition of our big fat Hollywood style wedding and reception. For these families, there are some grand venues that provide them what they are looking for. These venues are the perfect way to celebrate the perfect wedding. For the bride who has being looking forward to this grand day, its sure is a bliss. The amount charged by these venues is sure a lot compared to a normal reception charge but after seeing the decorations and the arrangements of the weddings, you will gladly pay the price. Here is an perfect example for the perfect venue of a grand reception:


Sainik farm is known throughout the country for the grand and exclusive wedding it throws but these wedding locations are also available for reception parties and the class of the party remains the same as the grandness of the weddings. Sainik Farm is situated in South Delhi and has been the shooting site of many of our Bollywood to shoot the most exotic wedding locations we see over there. The arrangements for the reception parties include decoration, food music and even the minute arrangements are all taken care by the wedding planners. The reception in Sainik Farm is the dream of millions of people but only the ones willing to spend a really hefty amount in their reception get their way up till there. But the hefty amount is worth the spend after seeing the arrangements of the reception and the glamour that these locations provide. The food and the cuisines offered is just mouth-watering and the celebrations is something you will look forward to always

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