Wedding is a Most precious day for a women who since adolescence have some cherished dreams for the day, This is Day for a Indian women when her dream prince of her dreams or of her childhood stories will come and take her to the city of love for rest of her life. She wants to look beautiful charming attractive. Here mentioned is the complete wedding week timeline for a bride to be:

Seven days Before Wedding:

Simple Makeup and body Cleansing:

Take help of a Beautician (preferably an Ayurvedic) and Have a Facial, Manicure, Pedicure and oil & herb massage. This will give new oxygen to your body and mind. Always remember a calm mind lives in a fit and relaxed body.

Hair cut: Also take a haircut. Within a week your hair will come in perfect shape and even if you require any further correction for hair texture you have full week time to get it corrected.

Six days before:

Check Your Dresses and its fitting:

You will be centre of attraction of every eye. You should look perfect with your dresses. Have a Look with your Dresses and Get them corrected if require any major/minor changes.

Call your Mates:

Call your mates and ask them to be prepared for the wedding day. They will be with you for the day and they are can assist you in the marriage time.

Five days before:

In Indian marriage most of the rituals start five days before the marriage. If there is HALDI Rasm, Be prepared for that. Try to get an outfit which is slight older as this will not come in use ever again. Cover your hair as turmeric can damage your hair colour. If Haldi rasm is not a ritual in your family, use turmeric paste for yourself. It clears spots and glows skin.

Fourth day to a day before marriage:

Take rest. Have sound sleeps. A good sleep brings a Glow at your face and skin. Enjoy these days. Don’t forget to stay in Touch with your would-be. This is the best time of your life which you are going to remember for rest of your life. Complete your all small shopping which will useful at husband’s home.

On marriage day:

Mehndi: usually menhdi happen a day before in Indian marriages but having Henna creation in morning of the wedding day is advised.

Bridal Makeup: Have your makeup man ready. Try to get him/her at home or if you are travelling to Salon or beauty parlor have travel time in your mind and work accordingly.

Photographers: Just immediate after your make up you must be done with your bridal photography. Ask your photographer to take snaps just after your complete makeup.

Family Photos: It’s an important yet lengthy work. Everyone wants to have a click with pair and you want to have a click with everyone loved. This is time when you have to show your grace and beauty. Don’t shy or hesitate you are the celebrity of the day and you must look like that only.

Getting gap between on stage functions and Mandap Functions: it’s important to get a gap between both these function as it will keep you afresh and awakened. Most of the Indian weddings are night long so being presentable with freshness is very important.

Vidai: Avoid using “Kajal” and heavy makeup for the Vidai. Try to look keep your makeup simple and light.

All about to wed Brides must Not Forget the things mentioned below:

Making post wedding plans:

It’s not about the honeymoon but it’s about an advance planning for your home and the months to come with your husband. Make a wish list and share it with your husband. Marriages don’t get over with Honeymoon. Marriage is beginning of an endless journey of love and life. An outing, a late night club dance, late night movie and plans of decorating your home can work. Enjoy the wedding day at fullest. A day spent worthless will not come back.

Have someone to assist you at in laws house:

You will be new in the family and most of the in laws will be unknown to you. But try to have someone to assist you there. Also don’t forget to ask someone in your family to sent you all your gifts and mementos Jaimal, Lahnaga, etc. A person like sister in law or mother in law can be a friend in the new home.

Bringing your Bride bag to new house:

Every New bride must insure to bring the entire necessary thing she may require in First few days after wedding. From Your toothbrush to Jewelry and cloths you must have packed in your bride bag. Bride bag is real Partner of A lady in new House. Make a list before wedding and shop accordingly and insure that everything required is packed in your bag.
Keeping it simple you must not take too much stress on you. A little fear is quite normal and takes it light. Cherish your dream and live them at fullest. Always be realistic and be fair and open to your partner.

Keeping a Bank balance:

Have some money saved for your marriage life. Money in hand is Courage. Marriage is large expenditure and most of the time person goes over budgeted. So a saved amount can work for you a lot. It also helps you to fulfill your small requirements in early days in your new home.

Having an idea about your Husband’s Family:

Most girls don’t find it necessary but it’s very much required to have at least a brief idea about family of your husband. It will help you to understand the family and their expectation towards you. The fact is when you marry a Person you get tied to the whole family. You are not going to be only wife you are going to get indulge in many new relations. Having an Idea about them will give you a triumph to handle them efficiently. Always Remember First impression is last impression.

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