You are making the food, you are going to clear your hands, they start calling you, you try to pick up the phone with wet hands, it slips, and it will fall right under the flow of water. You are brushing your teeth while they start sending you messages through WhatsApp, you try to take out your mobile to answer alone, with your left hand, the only one free, but the letter P is so far away that in an attempt to reach your mobile it escapes and ends under of water, wet. Here you will get the simple steps to dry out the wet mobile phone.

They are things that happen from time to time, and if does not happen to you, surely to a friend or family.

Do you want to know how to dry out a wet mobile phone?

Your cell phones fell into the water and you do not know what to do, do not despair. Although manufacturers have perfected the resistance of these devices to water nobody is safe from this type of accidents. Discover what to do in these cases.

Accidents with cell phones and water are very frequent. The device ends up all wet or because it fell in the sink or spilled coffee on it. Liquids are not good for devices that combine circuits with power supply. Although they are increasingly resistant to water, it is always convenient to know what to do in the face of an accident of this type.

Take into account the 4 steps you must follow in order to dry your wet mobile phone:

Step # 1 – Leave it Off:

When the cell phone gets wet with some liquid, it goes off. Although the first thing we tend to do when this happens is to check that the device is still working, leave your cell phone turned off. Under no circumstances connect it to the current and remove the battery to avoid a short circuit. It is also recommended to remove the memory card, SIM card, and covers to ensure it dries quickly.

Step # 2 – Do Not Dry it in the Heat:

Do not use the hair dryer with hot air to dry the cell phone. It is also not recommended to expose the equipment to the sun since the heat can only damage its internal components more. Dry the outside with towels or absorbent cloths and leave it for a while in the shade.

Step # 3 – Rice, Your Biggest Ally:

In order to absorb all the moisture in the internal circuits, cover the wet device with raw rice in a tightly closed container and let it stand for a few hours. The gel balls that come in envelopes accompanying the closed boxes of various products are also very useful, although rice is easier to get.

Step # 4 – Back Up Your Information:

Do not forget to back up all the information you have on your cell phone with a backup copy. This will allow that in case you have irreparable damages, do not lose the information.

These are the simple and easiest things you need to do it to dry your wet mobile phone.

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