Your parents have decided on a suitable match for you and both of you decide to go out on date do that you can find out whether both of you are compatible or not.

However the most important question is that how do you find out whether you are going to spend your life with the right guy? The number questions you ask your guy the more information you are likely to gather about him. However there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to asking questions. Most of the guys are quite afraid to commit and have a phobia regarding marriage.

So when both of you decide to go out on a date make sure that you do not scare the guy with your endless questions ,rather it is important to make the guy comfortable and think about certain dos and don’ts while going out with a guy in terms of questions that you ask .

From the girl’s side it is necessary to be sensitive towards the guy. Try to avoid questions which will make the guy uncomfortable

The most uncomfortable question for a guy is to reply how much he earns. Never ask a guy about how much he earns and what his assets are .However you can ask indirectly like where he works and questions related to his profession which will give you a brief idea about how much he earns. Money is important to have a good life but don’t make him uncomfortable by telling him how much you spend on your clothes or make up every month.

Most of the families are nuclear these days and girls might often want to settle down with a guy who comes from a nuclear set up. However make sure that you avoid this question at the first meeting as this will send out negative vibes and will make things awkward for you.

Asking too much of personal questions on the first meeting is strict no. Do not ask questions such as how many girlfriends he had or ask him about his intimate details of his life which might make him feel uncomfortable. Everybody has a past and if he is keen to share that with you respect that but do not be inquisitive about it.

Do not ask absurd questions as what kind if mother -in law his mother will be. Any guy will speak well about his mother and do not expect to get an answer out of such questions. You can put the question cleverly by asking about his family members and what they like doing.

Do not ask questions which will hurt a guy’s self esteem like whether he is a virgin or not. A guy might look at these questions as an attack on his personal self and might even throw back the question at you to make you feel uncomfortable.

Well, if you have met someone on any social networking site and decide to meet him ask for each other’s consent before meeting each other.

Once you have met the guy and liked him do not tell him that you plan to meet again. Wait for the guy to take you out and watch out for his body languages whether he likes you or not. If you ask a guy out the guy might take you to be desperate and might have a wrong notion about you so steer clear of that. In this regard you need to be a bit conventional in your approach and wait for the guy and his response. Some guys look done such girls as being “fast”. So make the right moves.

Never ask a guy how he finds you. Most of the guys do not know how to react and will lie, so there is hardly any point in asking this question. Do not even think remotely that the guy will give you an honest answer. Instead you can watch his body language and make out his feelings towards you. Eventually you will come to know about his feelings In short while so never ask this question that will cause further embarrassment.

Finding a life partner is not an easy task but that does not mean that you will ask all the questions on the first day itself and making t tiresome and make it look like a question and answer session.

Questions about his life and finances are important but do not go overboard or cross the liens of decency while asking such questions. Instead ask questions about his life in general like his tastes and what he likes and his hobbies which will help you to have a basic idea about the guy.

Most of the woman feels that it is important to ask all the questions on first meeting and do not enjoy the meeting and make it very boring. Instead try to enjoy your meeting and if both of you enjoy being in the company of ach other then you can always carry your meeting to the next time too.


There are some women who often ask about where the guy would like to see himself five years doe the line. These kinds of questions hardly make any sense if you do not enjoy each other’ company at the first mating itself. The guy might have a goal in mind but it does not matter if you do not want to meet each other for the second time.


If a guy have disclosed about his failed relationships so do not ask hum outright why his relationship failed. This is too personal and it is wide to avoid such questions to make the meeting fruitful. Questions regarding the number of houses that he owns or the number of cars that he owns are also very uncomfortable questions.


If the guy have   religious point of view about something and feels strongly about it do not get into a debate or get into a war of words. Instead you should learn to respect each other’s point of view.

Raja Kumar

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