Marriage is a very important part of each and everyone’s life. It certainly marks the end of one phase of life and the beginning of a new phase with new hope, desires and responsibilities. The married life is not an easy one. It is a new beginning for two different people with shared responsibilities and dreams. For this, it is very important for those two people to know each other well. They should be compatible with one another. There should be a feeling of oneness to accomplish all the duties of the married life together. This can be instilled only if the two people are allowed some time together completely alone. It is from the establishment of this idea, that the concept of honeymoon took birth. Honeymoon is a period of time when a newly married couple goes out on a vacation to spend some quality time together, such that they come closer, understand each other’s differences and took forward to a new life with positivity. Honeymoon trips are a popular notion today. In fact in today’s time, each and every newly married couple plan for a honeymoon trip. India is one of the top choices when it comes to selection of the place to enjoy the honeymoon. The interesting places for a honeymoon trip here could be Goa or the beautiful hill stations located in the country.

One of the most precious gifts given to a newly wedded couple could be a honeymoon trip package. There are several websites that provide with the information for different honeymoon packages. The details about the hotels, the tourist spots, and other information can be obtained from the website itself. This gift is one of the most special gifts one can think for a new couple. The packages offer vacations to popular tourist detonations. The packages can be availed at a cheaper price than the normal. It gives the best combination of recreation keeping the economical point of view in mind. However, there can be a couple of other things that can serve as a good gift for a newly wedded couple. This could include a variety of things. We could think more of such options that could serve a good gift for a couple.

Jewelry, especially gold is one of the most desired gifts in such occasions! Gold jewelry is quite expensive and who wouldn’t want to be gifted such a gift. This does not only serve as a gift for the bride as an accessory but also happens  to have a resale value which could be beneficial for business or for those who are interested in the share business. All such reasons make gold a great gift for a newly married couple. There are several designs that one can look up for this sort of a gift. It is not meant to be the same old ancient designs that one has seen before. The new era has a large collection of gold jewelry that can be gifted to the modern generation people. It is not too heavy and suits the current fashion and moods of the people. Hence, one can go for this if they wish to gift in the traditional ways. Gifting a honeymoon trip is a little more modernized and some people might feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of presenting such a gift. Though, it is one of the popular gifts very much in demand these days. One can definitely go with other options like this one.

One more interesting gift for a new couple could be small little things that would help them settle down for a new life. While some people might want to gift their sons or daughters big gifts like an apartment for the couple to start a new life with and at the same time this gift also serves as an asset that can help the couple later during difficult times, if any. Small gifts like things that could be contained in the flat. Things like a refrigerator, television, a music system, or a modular kitchen can prove to be useful for the home, and hence are great gifts for a couple.

Sometimes even money in cash can be a good gift. Cash is desirable by everyone and in marriages people do get a lot of cash and cheques as gifts. If one wishes to give something without much hair splitting, then it is the perfect gift. Also, it gives the couple the opportunity to get something on their own without being gifted something that probably they already possess. So, even though a honeymoon package serves a good gift, but it requires a lot of work behind it. It requires a lot of Google search along with a lot of planning. So, if one wishes to get the easy way out and also make the couple happy, the best thing to be gifted would be cash or cheque.

Marriages are supposed to be a very important occasion in anyone’s life. Just like stated before, it is supposed to be a beginning for two people who start life together. To bless them for the new life, there happens to be a huge gathering, where people gift the newly married couples something or the other as a blessing for their new life. A honeymoon trip is the best gift to start with, because it is not just a vacation, but a way that can help the two learn more about each other that can help them to walk the way of life together. But like mentioned in the essay, a lot of other things can also be given to add to the happiness of the new life that two people start together. One can also gift electronic gadgets that can help them lead a more comfortable life and at the same time enjoy every benefits of it. All such things would help in making a married couple’s life happy and tension free. A good gift for a newly married couple could be any of the above.

Raja Kumar

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