Indian wedding ceremonies are initiated with the matching of Kundalis or Horoscope matching. There are various gurus or priests who help the family with this process. The horoscope of the bride and groom are tallied to foresee their future happenings. The parents of the bride or the groom match the Gunas with the respective groom. Also this enables the family to know about any kind of mishap in near future. However there are families or couples which do not believe in this step. They think these superstitious doings cannot determine the compatibility or foresee the future of their married life. Also there are few who feel confused about this process. They do not understand whether to do it or not as marriage is considered as a sacred occasion in Hindu myths and nobody wants to regret later in their life for choosing a wrong partner. According to Hindu tradition, marriage is a bond of seven consecutive years. So people have belief in it and do not want to risk this holy bond.

But those who believe carry out the process for few important reasons.

To check marriage compatibility

The first and foremost reason for matching the horoscopes is to know about the marriage compatibility between the couple whether the attitude and nature of the couple are relevant for bringing out a long-term married life or not. Horoscope generally refers to the planet positions of an individual and thus reflects his or her life. As per the Shastras, a partner can influence the life of other individual after marriage. As they both are bound to stay together for the rest of their lives, a partner can bring good luck for the other and also can ruin the life of the life partner as well. So the elder members of the Hindu family consider the Kundali matching so crucial before carrying out a marriage ceremony.


To Know Relationship Quotient

There are different parameters through which the priests determine the kundali match but Guna or the Ashtakoot is one of the most important ones. As a whole, there are eight Gunas which are considered to check the compatibility between two people. Each Guna has a numeric point and when they all are added, they result in thirty six. According to the tradition, if 18 or more points tally with each other the couple is compatible for marriage. The more the numbers come out, the more the relationship quotient tends to be.

There exist a certain criteria through which the priests determine this compatibility or relationship quotient of a couple. Eight aspects are taken into consideration. First of all is the Varna which refers to matching of the castes of two people. Secondly Vashya , which signifies attraction. The third one is Tara which symbolizes longevity. The fourth aspect is Yoni which describes the nature or characteristics of people. GrahaMaitri is the fifth aspect and it symbolizes the natural friendship. A couple needs to have a healthy relation of friendship first. They need to understand each other’s problems and must know about the preferences. The sixth aspect is Gan that refers to mental compatibility. The wavelengths of their thinking must not differ in a large scale this may lead to inferiority complex as well as lack of respect. Bhakoot is the seventh aspect of determining relationship quotient. It refers to the relative influence of one on the other. This enhances the trust factor among the couple. The last one is Nadi which symbolizes the possibility of child birth. This is again a very crucial aspect for a married couple and the families.

To foresee mental and physical compatibility

Kundali matching enables to determine the partner’s aptitude, mindset, behavior, preferences and temper. These factors contribute in a vital way to make a married life happy and smooth. If a partner is unaware of the mindset of his or her mate problems are bound to occur and this may lead to frequent misunderstandings and ultimately the couple would feel reluctant in sharing each other’s feelings. Also the desirability factor counts in a successful marriage. Thus the partners should be physically compatible and attracted as well. The health of bride and groom is also an important concern. These are determined by the kundali matching.

To foretell financial conditions and family adjustment

In the present day, financial condition of an individual is considered to be the most important aspect of getting married. To support and manage a family, a person needs to have a decent income statement. It is the first query that a family makes regarding the groom especially. However, these days both the bride and the groom need to earn so as to meet their needs. Hence to foresee the financial conditions, kundali making is essential for a family. This enables to know about the future prospective of job offers and other earnings (as per Hindu belief). If the indications are positive, the family does not take much time to finalize the wedding date. Another factor is family adjustment. This is another parameter which cannot be known randomly. Kundali matching helps to know whether the bride and the groom can adjust to the conditions and family or not. Adaptation to the changing conditions is a part of this test too. The basic feature being the mind-set but it is very important for a person to adapt to the present situation so as to deal with it efficiently.

The Hindu religion considers marriage as the bond between two people for the next seven lives. There are number of rituals and traditions to be followed in a marriage ceremony. Horoscope matching is thought to be pious and genuine way of knowing the partner precisely and thereafter making up the mind to spend the rest of life with him or her. Various cases have been witnessed where the boy and girl know each other for a long time and desire to marry each other but the horoscope match comes out to be negative and they are forced to marry some other person.

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